Aaaarrrrr me Hearties!

27th June 2018

Christmas may seem a long time away, but you have to start early if you want to stage a rip, roaring pantomime.  All Metfield luvvies and theatricals, need to dust off their hose, peg legs and gender preconceptions and head along to auditions on Sunday 29th July between 3-6pm where they can nab a starring role in A Treasure Island, which will be performed for one night only on 5th January 2019.

Performers of all abilities are welcome, together with set/props/costume makers, musicians and anybody who would like to be involved.

“Let’s celebrate creativity. Let’s be a bit silly. Let’s banish those winter blues with a right good laugh!” say the organisers, leaving it open as to who will be laughing at whom and why.

Please contact Lou Eden for more information
Phone: 01379 588 305
Email (preferred): [email protected]