Panto Update

5th September 2018

There are strange goings on at Metfield Village Hall. ‘Oh no there isn’t!’ I hear you say. Oh yes there is! Listen carefully on a Tuesday and Sunday evening and you will hear the faint but unmistakable sound of pirates and a parrot from within. Peer carefully through the curtains and you will see grown men wafting about in skirts and wigs talking and gesturing to thin air. No there isn’t a secret cult meeting it is just Metfield Panto cast and crew engaging in the first of many rehearsals to bring to you, dear reader, a somewhat unconventional version of ‘Treasure Island’. Plans are afoot to transform the hall into an island paradise complete with palm trees and secret coves. The staging has been dusted off and our technical team is busy designing and making stage flats and scenery to transform the space. Shortly the cast and crew will be exhorting their friends and family to offer up lacy collars, gold chains and thigh high boots in the pursuit of art! (So if you have anything piratey lurking in the depths of your wardrobe or indeed a posh frock to fit a burley 6 ft something man, they would be greatly appreciated – no questions asked.) All costumes will be made and accessorized by our talented and lovely bunch of sewing supremos. All we need now is you, the audience, so start practicing your ‘its behind you!’ and ‘oh no it isn’t’ ready for January 5th when the Hispaniola will set sail for ‘Treasure Island’.
Louise Eden (Director)

Advance Notice:

Saturday 5th January Metfield Village Hall Pantomime – ‘Treasure Island’. Performances 2pm and 7pm. Tickets: Adults £10 Children 12 years and under £3 available from. 01379 588 305 (leave a message) or Meadow Bar (at MVH) Friday 6-11pm and Saturday 7-11pm.